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OKAC is an Oklahoma-based alliance of professionals priding ourselves in providing specialized services that cover all aspects of water and wastewater systems.The services we provide are unsurpassed when joining forces with our customers to create stable and sustainable systems.

We offer a wide range of professional water and wastewater management consulting services to systems across the United States across public, private and tribal sectors. Creating an alliance between ourselves, our customers, state, federal and industry partners when adjusting to regulatory change. In the field, our team utilized in-depth, hands-on knowledge and experience of regulatory change to provide best management practices as solutions for achieving system sustainability. Rather than offering services that are "one size fits all," we build solutions that service each customers' individual needs.



Recent studies detail that Oklahoma’s 1,300 plus rural, municipal and tribal water and wastewater systems are in critical need of professional planning in order to meet short-term and long-term sustainability. OKAC has experience collaborating with state, tribal and federal agencies which include public water, private water and wastewater organizations. OKAC is capable of providing the necessary consulting services for water and wastewater systems whether it be rural, municipal or tribal systems. OKAC staffs certified professionals and partners with higher education facilities for continuing education in the field and the classroom to the workforce operating these crucial water and wastewater systems and the governing bodies standing behind the workforce. 

OKAC is staffed by certified water and wastewater consultants. We maintain partnerships with local and state entities along with licensed and qualified individuals in the industry. Our team combined, has over 250 years of experience in operational, managerial, financial, educational, tribal government, engineering, capital improvement planning and project development. Providing professional services for the sustainability of the states, rural, municipal and tribal water and wastewater systems.

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